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Uzbekistan Visa Support

Uzbekistan travel agency Advantour will provide you with the Uzbekistan visa support for the duration of your stay at the hotel. You can use the following form to submit your information for the visa support. More on Uzbekistan Visa and Uzbekistan Visa Support.

All foreign nationals except citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, are required to have business or tourist visas to enter the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Before applying for the tourist visa, foreign nationals need to obtain Uzbekistan visa support, in form of a Letter of Invitation (LOI), from a licensed travel agency in Uzbekistan. Citizens of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland and UK do not need LOI, but they could be requested to obtain LOI, if they are obtaining Uzbekistan Visa outside of their country of citizenship. All travelers are suggested to contact in advance Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate, where they are planning to obtain their tourist visa, for latest requirements.

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